The motor of your garage door is very important. It acts as the brain of the system, instructing it when to open and close. The motor guides the door and allows you to open it with the push of a button. Without a motor opener, you will have to manually lift your door. Trusted Garage Door specializes in repairing and replacing garage door motors. Each motor is different and should be chosen based on the weight and size of your door. When a motor does not work properly, there are many possible causes and it is important to get the right diagnosis.

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Some of the Motorized Openers We Offer:

Chain 8165
LiftMaster Chain Driven Opener
Bekt Drive
LiftMaster Belt Driven Opener
Smart Motor Camera
LiftMaster Smart Camera Opener

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When you call Trusted Garage Door, we will have a technician to your house that same day. Our technicians always have motors in stock and will gladly install one following inspection and diagnosis. 

If your garage door is not closing all the way, it is possible that the force and limits on your motor may need to be adjusted. Our technician will be able to do this for you and help keep your garage in great condition.

The most common cause of motor damage is actually from unwound or broken springs. The springs of your garage door system are supposed to be doing the heavy lifting. Over time, the springs can become unwound and stop creating the right amount of tension to lift the door. When the springs aren’t doing the heavy lifting, the motor is. Motors are not supposed to be load-bearing and when this occurs, they often times become nonrepairable. We’d like to help you get your door working before it causes damage to any other parts. We look forward to working with you!