Let’s make sure you never have to replace your garage door. If your door breaks, it’s frustrating and stressful. It costs way more to repair your door than it would have to perform preventative maintenance, which would avoid the breakdown altogether. We never want you to experience the inconvenience of a nonfunctioning garage door. Together, we will make a great team in getting your door to last a lifetime.

Our trusted technicians have been trained to target potential problem areas on your door that can lead to issues later down the road. They will perform preventative maintenance to make sure that the right amount of tension is being applied to the right parts of your door. This will allow your door to function perfectly for as long as possible. Any time one of our technicians performs any repairs, we always want to include preventative maintenance in your package to ensure your door gets every bit of care it needs. Become a member of our annual preventative maintenance to become a priority member, receive 15% discounts on ANY repairs you’ll ever need, and to have your door in the best condition you could ever ask for.


Annual Preventative Maintenance                              $99.00


What's Included

When you become a priority member with Trusted Garage Door, if you ever experience any door issues, it gets pushed to the top of our schedule. We value loyalty and we will work to have a technician to your door as soon as you call. We want to form a lifetime relationship with you to make sure you’re always taken care of.

With your priority membership, you will get 15% off of any purchases or repairs. We know that with your preventative maintenance inspections, you won’t have any surprises.

To perform preventative maintenance, our service technician will arrive and inspect your garage door. They will make sure everything is working properly, they will adjust and lubricate the door, tighten every part of your door, and keep everything in harmony. We like to call this your “oil change” for your garage door.