Springs are the most important part of your garage door. The springs are what allow your door to open and close. In order to do this heavy lifting, your springs need to be wound appropriately in order to create the right amount of tension to raise your door. When your springs are wound correctly, we call this a balanced door. Your door should stay “balanced” when it is manually opened and not want to slide down or shoot up. Winding springs can be a dangerous task and they must be wound the appropriate amount of times in order to be successful. If you suspect that you’re having a problem with your springs, be sure not to use your door until we arrive.

Here at Trusted Garage Door we have many skilled technicians who can handle all of your installation and repair needs.

Spring Repair Pricing:

Replacing your garage door springs depend on many factors: The size of the door, the weight of the door, the type of spring needed based on PPT, Etc.

All of these factors are taken into account and cause pricing to vary greatly. We need to send our technician to assess what type of spring is needed before we can provide you with an accurate estimate. 

Please Call Us to Schedule!

When it comes to spring installation and repair, Trusted Garage Door has many years of experience which ensures that we’ll provide high quality replacement with the most reliable products.


With our same-day services and highly trained technicians, we can have your springs replaced and door working perfectly in just 1 to 2 hours upon arrival. 

When you call us, you will speak to one of our team members and explain the issue you are experiencing with your door. If we suspect a spring issue, we will inform you and find out what time or day of repair works best for you. When our professional technician arrives, they will greet you and inspect your door with you. If they confirm it is a spring issue, they will get right to work on replacing it and be finished in no time. As soon as they are finished with repairs, your door’s balance and functioning will be tested. Payment will be accepted after completion and you will be back to living a life of ease and comfort!