Garage Door Openers: Belt Drive Vs Chain Drive Openers. Which is Right For You?

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Before you purchase a new garage door opener, it’s important to understand that there are two different types: chain driven and belt driven openers. So what are the differences between them, and which one would be best for you?

How garage door openers work

Garage door openers are connected to the garage door by a rail called the drive guide. The drive guide is basically a track that either a chain or a belt travels in order to guide the garage door up or down. The opener simply instructs the garage door when to move and how far to travel.

The two main types of overhead garage openers are chain drive and belt drive openers. They operate in the same way with the main difference being whether a metal chain or a rubber belt are along the drive guide moving the door up and down. Both are great choices. But here are the main differences.

Chain Driven garage door openers

Chain Driven Garage Door Openers are among the most common garage door openers. 



  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Strong when it comes to heavy lifting
  • Most affordable on today’s market
  • Wifi Capabilities
  • Noisy due to metal chain on metal track
  • Require more maintenance: Lubricating the chain

BELT Driven garage door openers

Belt Driven Garage Door Openers are the quietest garage door openers in today’s market.



  • Ultra quiet, smooth open and close
  • Less Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Wifi Capabilities
  • Back-Up Battery Option
  • Long Lasting
  • Higher Cost Upfront
  • Longer Installation Time

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