5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

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5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

Ever wondered if your garage door is ready for some maintenance performance? Here are 5 signs your door is ready for a professional.

1. Your Door Is Loud

If your door is loud when opening and closing, it is a sign that either your door is aging or your door is under too much tension. When parts of your door age, they become loose, squeaky, and may make grinding sounds. It is very important that you get maintenance performed in order to keep your door and all of its moving parts lasting their full life span- or even longer! If your door is not old but is loud to open or close, it’s possible that your door is under too much tension and your springs need winding, or your motor is under stress. It’s important to call a professional to identify the cause of the noise.

When you disconnect your garage door from your motor and try to open it manually, is the door heavy? If you cannot open your door with the lift of a finger, then your door is not properly “balanced”. A balance garage door means that your springs are providing the correct amount of tension to raise and lower your door with ease. If your door wants to shoot up or drop down when you move it manually, then you do not have the right amount of tension and will need your springs maintained. Winding springs are dangerous and should be left for professionals.

2. Your Door is heavy

3. Your wall button & remotes are finicky

When your connection to your motor opener is unreliable, it’s probable that your door needs attention. If your wall button does not always work to open or close your door then there could be a problem with your opener, your wiring connection, or even your safety eyes. It’s important that you get maintenance performed to keep all your parts lasting as long as possible. 

When your garage door is slow moving, delayed, or jerking when you attempt to open or close it, then your door is in need of maintenance. When you press your wall button to open your door, it should smoothly and immediately begin opening. If it does not do so without issues, then your door requires attention. There are many different things that can cause your door to be slow and to avoid larger repairs, you should call a professional to perform maintenance.

4. Your garage door is slow

5. Your Door is coming off track

If your door ever comes off the tracks, we call this a “crashed door”. It can pose a hazard to anyone who tries to use the door and even repair it, therefore it’s important to call a professional. When your garage door comes off the tracks, it is possible that the springs are wound too tightly, the rollers need replacement, or there is a broken cable. In this case we need to assess what the cause may be and perform maintenance to prevent this form happening again.

Knowing what to look for is very important when it comes to garage door repairs and maintenance. All in all, we want to assure that you tackle the issue now before it becomes a larger malfunction and expense. We know garage door trouble is frustrating and we would love to assist. Be sure to call us as soon as you notice any of the 5 signs that your door requires attention!

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