Things to consider when replacing your garage door...

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Things to consider when replacing your garage door...

Wow! You’re taking the steps towards replacing your garage door. Bravo! Where do you begin?

When you’re looking to purchase a new garage door, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on all the things you need to consider. The garage door is the largest part of your home! It can add a whole new curb appeal and make your life much more efficient. But with such a big purchase comes big decisions. Let’ dive into them:


For many families security is the most important feature to your home. Some garage doors can be partnered with certain motor openers that include many different security features. It’s important to talk to your technician about these options if you’re considering a specific opener to go with your door. If you are not going to be using a motorized opener, then be sure to order a door with a manual lock.


What your door is made of is very important when it comes to the longevity of the door, the insulation options, the available colors and styles, the required torsion system based on the weight of the material, and the required horsepower your motor must be. The materials available for new doors vary, but here are a few of your options:

  • People who want visual appeal often opt for wood. However, wood will require the most maintenance in order to last longer
  • There are also options of polyurethane doors that are not made of wood but have accent wood tones, which look almost identical to wood and last longer
  • Steel is the most common and least expensive of materials and will usually last the longest.
  • Fiberglass is very durable. It is however prone to cracks when installed in extremely cold climates, therefore we recommend avoiding fiberglass in colder environments
  • Aluminum resists corrosion and rust and will would be ideal in a region where moisture is an issue.
  • Vinyl is a relatively new garage door material. It is not only durable but it also requires low maintenance.


When you drive through your neighborhood, is there a certain style that each garage door matches? Or, are you looking to add a farmhouse feel to your home with your garage door? Do you want the door to match the same color as your house, or have accents of the house? Consider the different design and styling options available. There are many different choices and it can be overwhelming. Begin by considering the following:

  • Windows: Do you want windows? There are clear windows, frosted windows, and windows with different shaping inserts.
  • Colors: Do you want your door to be one color or multiple? There are endless color options available, and garage doors can also be painted the same color as your house. If you choose a door with wood tones, there are many different wood styling and tones available as well.
  • Design: Carriage Stamped Design, Long Panel or Short Panel Design, Coachman Design, Gallery Style, Avante Full View Design, and hundreds of other designs are available. It’s important that you have a technician arrive to your home to gather measurements and details of what you’re looking for so he can provide you with pictures and information on every type of design we offer.


The price of your new door may or may not be the leading factor in your decision. Either way, it is important to consider. Garage doors are going to be a bigger expense because they are large and made up of varying materials. Cost greatly depends on the customizations of your door, the materials, and the current economy. Prices have been increasing for everything, and we try to combat the price increase as much as we can because we value your financials. However, size, material, and design are the largest factors in what effects the cost of your new door. Our prices include warranties, installation, and removal of a pre-existing garage door.

All in all, we know that choosing your new garage door may not be a simple task with all things to consider. But, we like to make the process super easy and enjoyable. Give us a call in order to browse our garage door collections, ask any questions, or to set up a consultation. We look forward to assisting!

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