Garage Door Safety Tips

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Garage Door Safety Tips

We love what we do because we provide repairs with safety and quality at the core of it all.
Jake Sawyer

When your garage door is experiencing malfunctions, it’s important that you and your family stay safe. 

If your garage door is working perfectly, safety is still a top priority. Here are some safety tips from our team when it comes to garage doors:

  1. Keep the Opener Out of Reach One of the most important garage safety tips is to keep your door opener out of reach from family members and from damage. Be sure that it is in a place free from high traffic and moisture.
  2. Be Cautious. Never step, walk, run under a closing or opening garage door. This may seem obvious but it can be dangerous to 
  3. Inspect Gears. Each month, take the time to inspect springs, cables, and rollers to know they’re still in good condition.
  4. Watch Your Fingers! Don’t put fingers in between door sections, and teach your kids to avoid doing so.
  5. Don’t Leave Door Ajar. Try not to leave your garage door partially open, whether or not you’re nearby. It’s both a security and a safety risk, as someone could enter the garage or someone could get caught underneath if the door is reactivated.
  6. Change the Code Often. Get a rolling code that changes the garage access code with each use. Or, at the very least, regularly change the standard codes on the opener and remotes.
  7. Prevent Invasion. Always lock the door to your house when you leave, even if the garage door is closed. Should someone get your remote, it could mean access to both your garage and home if the service door is unlocked. Likewise, keep tabs on your remotes — don’t leave it with a parking attendant, for example, and consider putting it on a key ring so it stays with you at all times.
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